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Greetings bingo fans! If you’re looking to spice up your bingo life, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve got big news that would make even the most dedicated fan have a sneaky peek at another site!

The Final Frontier Of Bingo…

Bingo Cams is the name of the site in question and it’s been causing quite a stir in the bingo world which is quite impressive since it launched in the UK! Having had huge sucess in the Netherlands, Bingo Cams decided to bring it’s own brand of exciting world of live intergrated web-cams to UK bingo and that must have meant sales in webcams shot up since the popularity of this site is awesome!

Schedule A Meeting In

This stunning new site actually enables you to talk have a private three-way conversation live using your web cam with your fellow roomies and best of all it’s really simple to do it. Simply buy a webcam and arrange when to hook up (preferably when there’s no big games going on) to know your favourite friends better than ever! The chance to chat face to face with your friends and CM’s alike is one thing and one that’s likely to change the face (literally) of bingo forever. -It’s their unique idea of broadcasting players’s Winning Moments that we love most at Spa though. Broadcast across all of their live games, player’s Winning Moments are used (with the site’s consent) in order to share the pleasure of winning with all those currently in play. Sharing in your mate’s unbridled joy is an opportunity we rarely get and to be honest it’s such an endearing feature we have been previewing the Dutch players’ Winning Moments just for fun!

Sign Up To The Revolution

As if this revolutionary New World wasn’t enough to entice you over, Bingo Cams is also setting itself up to be mobbed upon opening by offering a no deposit bonus of £5 and a 300% cashmatch bonus on your first deposit when you spend £10-£50, and get £30-£150 bingo bonus for all newbies! Goodness gracious! We’ve looked but we haven’t found a catch yet roomies; this just seems like a whole new universe of fun to us and we suggest you get over to the Bingo Cams site to sign up for updates about their launch right now!

Big Sister (And Brother) Is Watching You!

With a smorgasbord of bingo, and a wealth of slots and casino games to boot, this new site really does know how to rock our bingo world; just don’t forget you’re being watched while in play here. -After all, spilling your drink down yourself can be embarrasing enough in front of the family but in front of all your mates? We suggest that no matter how excited you get, you keep all drinks out of reach, dress up and just enjoy the fun with Bingo Cams!

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