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Ever fancied yourself as a posh toff? If you’ve been watching Upstairs Downstairs or Downtown Abbey recently, you’ll already know that achieving this kind of status means having your own dedicated staff. There are few of us who will reach the same lofty heights as those depicted in those shows however, so while you continue to plan your bid for global domination, why not sign up to Butlers Bingo so you can get used to having someone putting your best interests first right away?

Zeros Mean so Much

With a deposit of £10, get huge £25 bonus as opener, you’ll soon get used to feeling like you’re the star of the show when you arrive and what’s more the Butler has even recently increased his cash match offer from 200% to 250% so you’ll even get a £25 bonus on top of your first tenner! This offer extends up to £100 so you can immediately make the most of your new found status and see if your bonus will help rack up the zeros in your account.

A Daily Tonic

The Butler has tonnes of treats to keep you feeling pampered and in tip top spirits of course dear roomies and amazingly these can be found on site daily. Take for example his guaranteed Progressive jackpot. Tickets for this one are only 10p which is already exciting enough but since the pot is set at £5k it would be fair to say we could barely contain ourselves!

The Butler also hosts a wealth of free bingo games so you and your chums can have as much fun as you can bear without ever having to worry! A lovely set up we’re sure you’ll agree, get the gang together at six in the Sunshine Room to see if you can’t pick up a cash prize bonus here too!

Let the Butler See Your Address Book!

Wow just when you though it couldn’t get any better, we thought we ought to point out that the Butler also has a stonking megapot game up for grabs monthly too. You’ll have to sign up to his newsletters to stay abreast of these goings on of course. While it’s true that frequent players will earn cards for big games like these here it’s also true that others can pre-buy for the main games too and no matter how you like to play bingo best the Butler will even give you a further £10 bonus for every mate you refer to this swanky joint so make sure you let everyone know.


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