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Hi once again roomies. We have some exciting news that we just had to share with you and it’s about a very exciting site that’s only just recently joined the Spa Directory! City Bingo has been created by those bingo savvy lot at Cassava and it’s set to tantalise your taste both for the exotic and your hunger for travel while playing your favourite game.

Take Me Out Tonight

How is all this possible? Well, City Bingo is a unique blend of the best in gaming software, a concise knowledge of the game, it’s history and it’s all based in the fabulous setting of the bingo world’s best cities. Having the world as it’s oyster, City the cat asks bingo fans where they would most like to play and sets it’s games, promos and features around the answers. This interesting approach to a site means they have a much freer range of material than most and that almost anything could happen for players here.

Like To Get To Know You Well

Taking you on a virtual cultural journey, City the cat gets dressed for the occasion and as players we can admire the changing scenery while taking in top offers such as free bingo along the journey. Updated constantly, City has heaps of fab promos for all of its players on top of 24/7 FREE GAMES to play in AND a stonking bonus to enjoy! Take for example City’s brilliant Free Welcome Guide room where the pots are set a newbies can get a real feel for the game in twelve hours of free play. City also offers regular players a whopping on top of entry to his bingo Room. Again, there are guaranteed pots -this time and this room is also open twelve hours a day for the best in freebie fun.

Explore The Virtual World Of Bingo All Over Again

If all this isn’t enough to whet your appetite for bingoing around the world, the promise of  ‘Bright Lights, Big Wins’ may be enough to make you want to buy a season ticket. We can’t recommend travel with City the cat more dear roomies – and when you consider there’s a guaranteed pot to get in on every night of the week at 8pm, it’s clear why we’re such big fans. With the chance to win as much as for only 10p on a Saturday or better still for FREE on Sunday provided you’ve deposited within the last 7 days previous, is opening up the game to all player types no matter what their bingo budget. Brilliant.

4 / 5 stars     
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