Internet bingo sites all joining the Bingo Confidential cause

Bingo Confidential

Bingo Confidential

There has been a lot of internet bingo blog site activity recently regarding the Independent film Bingo Confidential.  This fast moving comedy has won two awards at the Long Island Film Festival on its release in the United States at the end of 2009, but as yet is still to receive a platform for its screening here in the UK.  The maker of the film, Susan Noel Benfatto is calling on the whole of the UK bingo world, from players to bingo sites to contact Channel 4 in the hope that they will agree to screen the film.

Film synopsis full of slapstick bingo humour and $1m

The premise of the fun filled documentary style bingo comedy film is the story of a money grabbing family who attempt to contest the will of an elderly bingo playing relative, Ethel Bell.  The deceased has left instructions in her will to leave $1m of her fortune as a bingo jackpot for a special memorial bingo game.  The Bingo Confidential film follows the madcap exploits of six avid bingo fans who want to get the $1m jackpot won before the greedy relatives can stop the game- and of course they all hope that they will win the massive $1m jackpot.  The film is a bright tapestry of colourful, larger than life characters and is bound to go down well with bingo players and non players alike, which ever side of the pond the film is screened.

Join the growing band of fans of this film

Spa Bingo are delighted to join the growing band of bingo players and Bingo sites who are campaigning to have this delightful film screened here in the UK.  If you feel as strongly as we do that there is a real shortage of films dedicated to our delightful bingo game then please follow the link to have your voice heard at Channel 4. Players who are keen to follow the film’s progress can do so by following the facebook group called Bingo Confidential.

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