New awesome £10k Tourney takes off at Rogers Bingo

Rogers Bingo has recently announced that they have added a new £10,000 jackpot tournament
game to their menu which is a very tasty nibble indeed! If you’ve never played at Rogers Bingo
before then you’ll probably be interested to hear about what makes this game different to any other
guaranteed jackpot game that’s around. Well the simple answer is that nobody knows when the
actual game will be played so it’s anyone’s guess as to whether it will be played this week or next,
the week after and so on.

The reason for the date of the game being played is so vague is that there is a minimum requirement
of 500 players needed before the game can start; so until the qualifying number of online bingo
players has been reached the game will be frozen. As soon as the 500th Rogers Bingo player
has purchased their ticket(s)into the game then timer will then be kick-started into action and a
countdown will begin showing when the game will be played.

Anytime between the timer being started and the game being played, online bingo players can still
purchase additional tickets and new players who’ve not yet bought tickets will also be able to buy
theirs too. When the countdown has ended the game will then start to play automatically.

As this is a 90 ball bingo game the jackpot prize fund will be split in the usual manner with a £500
prize available for the online bingo players who get a one line win or two lines win plus a whopping
£9,000 on offer for the player or players, who score the full house win.

So what are you waiting for, head to Rogers Bingo; find the £10,000 tournament game and purchase
your potentially life-changing bingo tickets today. Okay maybe it’s not quite a life-changing amount
but it will certainly help to make this Christmas a very merry one indeed.

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